About Me

It was my junior year in high school when I was introduced to computer graphics. Before long, I found myself absorbed into wanting to try new, creative ways to express myself. A year later, while taking a second class, I knew this was where my interests lie. After looking into various college programs, I discovered Longwood University and the growing graphic design department.

My interest was further peaked after a summer internship with a commercial company generating graphics for the proposal department, and another summer internship with an award winning marketing and public relations company working with their creative team.

After graduating from Longwood University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree I know full heartedly that I have true passion for graphic design. Working professionally, I have found my own style of design and begun to push the boundaries of that style in each piece I create. By meshing the clients vision with my own, help to produce innovation in my designs.

I enjoy creating work especially for causes that I am compassionate about; ecology, equality, social justice, and peace.